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beating two dead horses with one stick
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gossip related to fueled by ramen
we are not responsible for shit posted in this community. send us messages or e-mails with your concerns, but we can't control our asshole members. sorry.


We don't want this to be a super anal uptight community at all.
1. We love a little bit of drama to keep us on our toes, but if you have a serious beef with another member please don't let the fighting get over the top in like every post. But talk to the mods if you have problems ok.
2. No underage n00dz please.
3. If there's a post about Lana Jade or AKitch or whoever, please don't send them a link, that is just asking for trouble.
4. If you or a friend are posted in here, scroll by or leave, sry but this is a gossip community!
5. Tag your entries! See the tagging instructions here and the list of tags here. This makes it easier for people to find entries without having to ask.
6. Advertising may or may not be okay.. if it's for a secrets community or something related to gossip it's fine, but if it isn't, we'd rather not.
8. do not use hate speech of any kind! even if you're "joking" being racist, homophobic, etc will get you banned. bans for this rule can be temporary or permanent, depending on how bad the racism/homophobia/etc is.
9. If you're posting leaked nudes then do us all a favor and put the link behind a cut, and also state that the pictures or link will lead to images not safe for minors, work, and/or life! And if you can, please mark that it contains adult content so minors with journals can't see.
10. There will be no personal information about non-famous people posted on this site! Please refrain from posting myspace/facebook links, twitters, and any other contact information that belongs to anyone who isn't in a band, a celebrity, or some sort of e-celeb (ie: someone like audrey, hannabeth, etc)!
11. Bring good gossip :x

We'll leave you with this truly inspiring quote:

lmfao wow this is hilarious. you are all a bunch of underaged fat girls that smell like ass after a show and before the show sometimes. you take his kindness a little too far and always swear he's hitting on you. just because a person is friendly doesn't mean they want you, half of these stories you can tell are complete bullshit. he's gabe saporta, lets be real here. you're all pathetic for thinking this shit and the rest of you are pathetic for making it up or taking a person's kind heart too far. he may not publically speak about her but Hello he does have a girlfriend whom he lives with and she's a hell of a lot prettier than the lot of you bitches on lj. grow up, get a life and stop talking shit about people more fortunate than you. if he wanted you or was intrested he'd ask for your number or something and don't say he has because we all know that's complete shit.


If you have any questions or comments, please contact hanneberry (IM: Hanneberry), or lolyouhavecrabs via PM.